Our GCI Traytec premium builds offer you our mounted tray with integrated headboard coupled with our removable canopy. Why are removable canopies the industry standard? A removable canopy provides a far superior experience to a cheaper chassis mounted canopy.

A removable canopy allows you to keep the functionality of the vehicle as intended. The GCI Traytec tray and canopy range offer versatility with a lift off canopy that is removed with ease.

Our customers most common replies for choosing removable canopies are:

  • Allows the vehicle to still function as a Ute as originally intended.
    • Tip runs, collecting furniture / bulk items, motorbikes and plenty more!
  • Helping future re-sale value on your investment, by not limiting to a canopy only vehicle.
  • Weight and fuel savings when not touring.
  • Reduce general wear and tear, by removing weighted canopy.
  • Driver incurred accident damage (e.g., rear light housings or canopy damage) does not result in removing the whole unit for repair).

Our GT1 trays and canopies are highly engineered premium products, designed to be the best, most innovative product on the market. *GCI Traytec is part of The GCI Group that started in 2003, over the years GCI Group has heavily invested by implementing extensive procedures and innovation to ensure our supply of goods, click to explore* We have a variety of canopy configurations available to suite your needs and will be paired with a tray to match your vehicle type. They include many standard inclusions such:

  • Toolbox sliding draws (can be 2Pac paint colour matched to your vehicle).
  • Unique GCI Traytec fully engineered headboard.
  • Central locking synced to vehicle key.
  • Toolbox and canopy LED lighting.
  • Large rear tunnel drawer (key lockable only).
  • Textura black powder coated finish on tray and canopy exterior.
  • White gloss powder coated finish inside canopy.
  • Integrated tie down rail integrated with our unique tray extrusion.
  • Reverse camera parking sensor & BSM relocation.

We also have a large range of optional extras.

GT1 trays and canopies starting prices are all listed in the Budget section for each vehicle type. This price is base on the GT1 tray with our unique sideboard kit and the A-2-DB-12 canopy configuration. Includes a canopy length roof rack, solar panel, 1000-Watt power package with a 125BT lithium battery.